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How to install outside corners with HORI-COR/O - Tutorial 130

EnduraFlood wall panel systems are a great installation option to protect your basement and home from the dangerous results of potential floods. They don't just work great, they look great, too. The many different profile combinations that are possible with EnduraFlood allow you to create a solution for almost any installation challenge.

In this post, we will demonstrate how to install one of the most common EnduraFlood components: HORI-COR/O. The horizontal corner fitting of outside corners.

EnduraFlood components. HORI-COR/O. The horizontal corner fitting of outside corners
Dry-Fitting HORI-COR/O onto an outside corner of a column.

HORI-COR/O is used whenever we encounter an outside corner of a ½" drywall installation, and use UNI-TRIM along the straight sections of the wall. While making a miter cut in a UNI-TRIM profile is possible for an outside corner, HORI-COR/O provides the most finished look in the most efficient installation process.

Let's get started with a review of the process on our table-top display.

ENDURAFLOOD HORI-COR O table-top display
Staple HORI-COR/O onto wooden studs using a staple gun.

As you can see, the display has been prepared with a ninety-degree outside wall corner. Sections of half-inch drywall are already installed. For the best fit of our profiles, we have added blocking between the studs nearest the corner. We then staple HORI-COR/O onto the corner, making a snug fit.

Next, we continue the horizontal trim run on the right and on the left side using UNI-TRIM.

Measuring the height of the horizontal trim from the floor, we deduct three inches and use this dimension as the height for our wall panels.

After cutting the wall panels, we insert the right one and temporarily support it with a hand lift. Then, we mount at least two BASE-CLIPs underneath.

Note the use of BASE-FLIP, the flat stud clip. BASE-FLIP is used when we encounter studs that are placed sideways, next to each other, or other wood structures that are wider than one-and-a-half inches.

Next, we slide VERTI-COR/O onto the right edge of the left board. Make sure to leave approximately one-quarter inch gap at the top edge, so that the board can slide underneath the UNI-TRIM profile.

The final step is the installation of UNI-BASE.

For outsider corners, the easiest way to finish UNI-BASE is by using HORI-BOR/O. As always, we HORI-BOR/O is

HORI-BOR/O is the outside corner fitting of UNI-BASE.

We predrill around two inches deep using a 3/32" drill. Then, we use a three-eighth inch drill to pre-drill about one quarter inch into HORI-BOR/O. The hole location should be across from a stud location, and three-quarter inches from the upper edge of UNI-BASE.

Insert the truss-head screws, and close the holes with a hole plug.

Now, install UNI–BASE to the right and left sides of the corner.

Congratulations, you just finished your first outside corner with EnduraFlood!

Now, let's repeat the installation on a real-world column with four outside corners.

- Dry-fit the precut HORI-COR/O

- Install blocking if needed

- staple HORI-COR/O

- Slide your pre-cut wall panels into the trim, and support them with hand lifts if needed

- Mount at least one BASE-CLIP or BASE-FLIP on each side for permanent support

- Connect a pre-cut piece of VERTI-COR/O to the side of the abutting wall panel, and insert this wall panel.

- and finally, install HORI-BOR/O


Another easy and quick wall panel installation is finished, thanks to EnduraFlood.


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