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Designer Suite "Palmer"

EnduraFlood Designer Suites demonstrate the versatility of EnduraFlood installations. Even though there are endless possibilities how the EnduraFlood System can help you create your perfect space, our Reference Projects are meant as inspiration and guide to what is possible. See below for the project specifications, as well as a link to our project estimator where you can estimate the recommended items for your particular project.

The Palmer reference project beautifully demonstrates the available options for an EnduraFlood installation on a 5/8" thick drywall. Wonderful clean and straight lines complement the modern home office look.

Specifications as shown above: 

  • Horizontal Trim Type: PVC Ribbon

  • Horizontal Trim Height: 24"

  • Drywall Thickness: 5/8"

  • Average Width of Panels: 48"

  • Type of Panels: ENDU-BOARD

To customize this project and to estimate your needs, use our handy Project Estimator.

ENDU-BOARD is shipped white, unpainted. You will have to paint the boards. The wall colors used in this reference project are​:

  • Behr "Dolphin Gray" (top)

  • Behr "Legendary Gray" (bottom)

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