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Fire Properties and Fire Prevention

EnduraFlood components and systems have been tested to ASTM International and NFPA Standards as follows:


NFPA 286

  • During 40 kW exposure, flames should not spread to the ceiling: PASS

  • The flame shall not spread to the outer extremity of the sample on any wall or ceiling: PASS

  • Flashover, as defined in NFPA 286, shall not occur: PASS

  • The peak heat release rate throughout the test shall not exceed 800 kW: PASS

  • The total smoke released throughout the test shall not exceed 1,000 m2: PASS

  • see Intertek Test Report P5021.01-121-24

EnduraFlood components and systems are classified and comply with the following building codes:

IBC - International Building Code

  • Class A (FSI 0-25SDI 0-450)

  • 2603.9 Specific Approval

  • 803.1.1.1 Acceptance criteria for NFPA 286

  • 803.8.1 Combustibility Characteristics

IRC - International Residential Code

  • R302.9.1 Flame Spread Index

  • R302.9.2 Smoke-Developed Index​

  • R302.9.4 Alternative Test Method​

Florida State Product Approval

  • Rule 61G20-3.001 Scope

  • Florida State Approval not required

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