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EnduraFlood BASE-FLIP, Box of 50

EnduraFlood BASE-FLIP is made to mount to studs that are wider than 1-1/2" (2x4 studs that are mounted sideways, 4x4 studs etc) as they are oftentimes found in corners or other sections of walls.

BASE-FLIP is manufactured from galvanized steel, and supports the wall panels (ENDU-BOARD  or cement panels) of any EnduraFlood installation.

To mount on stud, use TH-SCREW (for wooden studs) or SD-SCREW (for metal studs).


For studs that are 1-1/2" wide, use EnduraFlood BASE-KLIP.

EnduraFlood BASE-FLIP, Box of 50

SKU: KP-50
  • Installation Instructions

    Before installing BASE-FLIP, temporarily hold the wall panel in place using hand lifts. To install BASE-FLIP, slide between wall panel and stud, so that the tounge supports the wall panel. The 3/16" mounting hole of BASE-FLIP should be below the panel. 

    Use TH-SCREW (for wooden stud) or SD-SCREW (for metal stud) to screw BASE-FLIP on the stud.

  • Number of pieces per package


  • Information

    Due to continuing improvements, actual product may differ slightly from images, drawings, and descriptions.

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