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What is EnduraFlood?

EnduraFlood was born out of the need to solve a common problem: How to reduce the traumatizing impact that flooding can have on a home owner. If you are in an area that doesn't flood, or if you have not experienced a flood yet, count yourself lucky. Many others are not so lucky, and every year more and more homeowners realize that they are not as safe from flood events as they once thought they were.

Flooded house that will need its drywalls to be repaired after water recedes.
Even small amounts of water entering you home mean having to remove your drywall.

If you are at risk of minor or major flooding, your first course of action should naturally be to reduce the chance water can enter your home. Most experts agree that you should start on the outside of your home, before the water gets to the house. While many solutions exist, from french drains to the regrading of soil around your home, no solution can guarantee that your home will always be flood-safe. If you have ever seen five inches of water come down in one hour, you understand that such amounts of water can overwhelm nearly every drainage system.

If and when water does enter your home, it's traumatizing, and you want to be able to recover as quickly as possible. The thought of having to repair the drywall in all of your rooms is a daunting prospect, especially knowing that another flood will ultimately come. This is where EnduraFlood comes in.

EnduraFlood is simply the best way to protect your walls from the damaging results of a flood. While conventional drywall has to be cut out and replaced in a costly, messy and time consuming process, EnduraFlood panels can simply be removed and re-installed with just a screw driver. This process takes merely minutes, and it allows you to inspect and dry out the area behind. In "no time" you can be back to enjoy your basement or living space. Whats more, EnduraFlood Systems look gorgeous, with many modern, traditional or contemporary styles to choose from and build.

Whether you are a DIY homeowner or a contractor, the process is easy: You select EnduraFlood components in our 3-Step process, or you can use our Project Estimator. All components ship directly from EnduraFlood Systems to you without costly middlemen. Using our comprehensive installation videos, the installation is quick and easy, and help from EnduraFlood is never far away.


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