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EnduraFlood is starting to accept orders

Interest in EnduraFlood from home owners and contractors alike has intense. Recent flooding events across the country have shown how vulnerable many properties are. To cause damage to the interior of a home it doesn't need a major hurricane. These days, a strong rain can overwhelm the best drainage system and send water towards the home. Sometimes slowly and unnoticed, and other times gushing with overwhelming force.

Lucky are those who have had time to prepare so that they can recover more quickly. Nobody likes the traumatizing time during a after a flood, even if its minor. At EnduraFlood, our mission is to provide you a tool to make your home more flood resilient.

Because of recent events and the tremendous demand, EnduraFlood has decided to make products available sooner than originally planned. As of 17 October 2022, EnduraFlood is accepting orders from customers in the states shown on this map. All orders are shipped with a $35 flat shipping fee. If you live in any of the states shown here in gray, you can register here to be notified when shipping to your area starts.


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