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We flooded a Room - Watch what happened!

Go on an adventure with us and do what most people have nightmares about: flood a house (or at least a room). See what happens if you have EnduraFlood installed!

"People keep asking, "What happens when EnduraFlood gets flooded with water? So, we built this room and flooded it with 18 inches of water. Here we see a rubber ducky float in the water. Here we are at about 12 inches, and it keeps going up to 18 inches - almost two feet. And my knees are basically wet and I need to change my shorts. After we filled it with water, the whole room, everything was wet, we vacuumed out the water. And then, we took out the EnduraFlood baseboard, and then we took off the panels and put them on the side. This way they can dry off. All of the panels. After we took off the panels, we removed the insulation, because it was completely wet. We threw that away.

With all of the insulation gone, we put a fan in the room and a dehumidifier, and let it all dry out for about three days. Here you see how wet the wood was. And then you can see how bright the wood is, so its all dry. Then we put in new insulation, so its all nice and dry and warm.

Then we take the panels which have now dried off and put those back in place. The same panels. After the panels, we put up the baseboard and we are done.

That's what happens when EnduraFlood gets wet: You take it off, dry out the wall, and put it back on. And you are back in business."


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