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NOAA’s 1-in-100 year flooding can now be expected every 8 years

According to First Street Foundation, their peer-reviewed precipitation model captures climate-driven changes in heavy rainfall events for the United States and describes the implications for flood risk across the Nation in their report, The 8th National Risk Assessment: The Precipitation Problem.

The recently released report finds that, in the worst cases, what is currently estimated to be an infrequent and severe 1-in-100-year flood event, is a much more frequent 1-in-8-year event.

The report highlights the impact of continued warming into the future. Looking at highly populated cities such as Houston, Texas, the initial Atlas 14 correction is pronounced, increasing the likelihood of Houston’s 1-in-100-year flood event by 335% to a 1-in-23-year event. As the climate continues to warm, that same event will become a 1-in-11-year event by 2053, an 809% increase in likelihood.

As of 2020, found that 23.5 million homes are at risk of flooding due to rain, and of those 15 million homes are at "major" to "extreme" risk of flooding.

Despite best efforts, water can't be guaranteed from entering the home when flooding occurs: sump pumps fail, drainage gets clogged, foundations develop new cracks, ground water rises. Worse yet, many residents, "largely in populous regions including the Mid-Atlantic and the Texas Gulf Coast, (are) at significant risk of downpours that deliver at least 50 percent more rain per hour than local pipes, channels and culverts might be designed to drain."

For those at risk, the EnduraFlood floodproof drywall make your home even more flood resilient: 100% inorganic materials resist the growth of mold (more than standard drywall), and the fact that the boards can be removed and reinstalled easily means the wall can be dried out at any time.

Nobody likes water in the home. But when water gets in, EnduraFlood is the best drywall to have.

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