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Most popular Facebook comments on EnduraFlood

Facebook users discuss, comment on, and share EnduraFlood information daily. Here are our favorite comments of the last few days. For more discussion, head over to Facebook, search for EnduraFlood and get involved!

"I'm in Matlacha. As you know Ian was 4.5 months ago. Just now getting a contractor to come in for the walls. Next time, I get the generator out, unscrew, wash the panels, put it back, and tell my flood carrier that gave me pennies on the dollar to .... off."

"What a great invention. I'm a retired carpenter and an electrical contractor, and currently a licensed Florida home inspector. I would definitely endorse this product as a must have in flood prone areas of Florida. Insurance companies should make it's use mandatory."

"If I would have had this in my house I could have opened the walls and let it dry. Unfortunately I had to remove all my walls to let it dry."

"This is so awesome and a game changer!!"

"Stuff is amazing."

"pretty sharp; a no brainer as I see it!"

"A million dollar idea"


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