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How EnduraFlood Can Save Your Basement from Water Damage: A Success Story with Patch2Paint

These days, in New Jersey, "when it rains it pours." Literally!

That's what one Patch2Paint customer found out when - for the third time - their basement flooded. Despite multiple attempts to prevent storm waters from entering their basement, some water would make it through, ruining carpets, sheetrock, furniture and more.

Turns out, a french drain, regrading of the property, and an additional sump are no guarantee that water does not find a way. "When there is 2 inches of water on our street, some of this water will come into the basement, no matter what," this homeowner was quoted as saying.

To prevent future damage to their drywall, this homeowner had decided to install metal studs in their basement. Then, a quick call to Patch2Paint took care of the rest: The Patch2Paint crew quoted the job with the help of the EnduraFlood Project Estimator online tool, and then installed the flood proof EnduraFlood wall panel system in a little more than one day.

The homeowner decided to use the same fabulous color on the EnduBoards that was used to paint the upper portion of the wall, giving the space a wonderful fresh look.

Providing peace of mind, quick and friendly service, these are attributes of Patch2Paint and the other Approved EnduraFlood Contractors. To locate your nearest Approved Contractor, follow this link.


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