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Home Flood Dangers: The 4 Rooms Most Likely To Flood

When people think of home floods, the room that commonly comes to mind is the basement. However, as we’ll see, the basement isn’t the only room in the house you need to be concerned about.

Here are the four most likely rooms in your home at risk of flooding.

The Basement

Most people think about the basement when flooding is involved because it’s the most commonly flooded room. Basements are so prone to flooding because water can pool around the foundation during heavy rainfall, melting snow, or clogged gutters, and gravity takes over, pulling the water down. If there are cracks in the foundation, the water will almost always find a way in.

Another reason basements flood more than any other room is because it’s where most homeowners set up their water heaters. Without routine maintenance and checkups, it’s easy for a water heater tank to rust and fail, leaking gallons of water into the basement.

Finally, people who use their basements for storage rarely go down to check what’s going on. A leaky pipe or cracked foundation can cause water to pool in the basement without your knowledge if you don’t check the basement regularly.

The Laundry Room

Washing machines are a necessity for most homeowners, but for all of their convenience, they’re notorious for causing massive water leaks in the laundry room. Whether it’s a malfunction, improper installation, or age, a washing machine failure can cause significant flooding and water damage in a short time.

The Bathroom

There’s a reason the bathroom is often called the water closet — there’s a lot of water in that room with bathtubs, showers, sinks, and toilets. And, with all that water, there’s always the potential for flooding. Bathrooms flood for various reasons, including:

  • Drain and pipe clogs

  • Clogged or malfunctioning toilet

  • Burst pipes

  • Carelessness

Depending on where the bathroom is, a flood can leak water through the ceiling and down the walls, increasing the amount of water damage to contend with.

The Kitchen

As you can see, there’s a pattern developing; any room that holds water-based appliances or plumbing has flood potential, and the kitchen is the last on our list. Whether it’s a dishwasher malfunction, burst pipe, overflowing drain, or refrigerator leak, the kitchen is another room where you must take every precaution to protect yourself from water leaks.

What To Do If You Have A Flood In The House

If you wake up or come home to a flooded room, it’s easy to panic and not know what to do. However, if you learn the basics and keep cool, you can deal with the problem before it worsens.

The first thing to do is determine where the water is coming from. If the water comes from a burst pipe or leaking appliance, shut the water off at the main valve.

If you have a room full of standing water, shut off the electricity before entering.

Once you are sure the water is off and the house is safe, call a professional plumber for help and your insurance company.

If the flood was caused by severe weather, your best bet is to call a flood and mold remediation company to clean the mess thoroughly and restore your home to normal as quickly as possible.

Flood Protection With The EnduraFlood™ Flood Proof Basement System

Cleaning up after a flood is messy, expensive, and time-consuming. But what if we told you there is a system to make the process easier and more cost-effective?

The EnduraFlood Flood-Proof Basement Wall System is the perfect solution for minimizing flood damage and cleanup costs. EnduraFlood wall panels replace the portion of the drywall from floor level several feet up or the area you’d rip out and replace after a flood. If you’ve ever had to replace wet drywall, you know how much of an expensive pain in the butt it can be, but EnduraFlood eliminates the hassle.

EnduraFlood panels are water resistant and reusable. If the wall behind the panels gets wet, you can remove the panels, allow the area to dry, and reinstall them, making them an ideal long-term solution for flood cleanup.

Furthermore, patent-pending EnduraFlood wall panels are made from durable concrete and will withstand scuffs and bumps for years.

Lastly, the EnduraFlood wall paneling system is crafted after traditional wainscot wall paneling, which makes it perfect for a unique finished basement or any other room on the house where there’s flood potential.

EnduraFlood is:

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • More cost-effective than replacing wet drywall

  • Designer quality

  • Reusable

  • Water-resistant

  • Custom fitted for your specific needs

See why the EnduraFlood Flood-Proof Basement Wall System may be the perfect solution for your basement, garage, bathroom, laundry room, or any other room in the house with flood potential by calling us at (551) 497-5938.


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