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Easier Flooded Basement Cleanup with EnduraFlood Panels

A flooded room makes for a messy and expensive clean-up. Sheetrock walls have to be removed, dried out and repaired in a lengthy and messy process.

With extreme weather episodes occurring with increasing frequency, home flooding becomes a greater reality for homeowners that never had to deal with the problem in the past. According to the website,,

According to industry estimates, 14,000 people in the US experience a water damage emergency at home or work each day, and 98% of basements in the US will suffer from some type of water damage during their lifetime.

And if those numbers don’t make you think twice, consider the costs associated with repairing damage and cleaning up after a flood incident. Reuters reported last year that rising sea levels and extreme weather could cost American homeowners up to $20 billion and rise to $32 billion by 2051.

To make matters worse, people are experiencing flooding caused by storms in areas where there’s never been a issue previously. A study regarding urban floodingpublished by the University of Maryland, College Park and Texas A&M University, Galveston Campus noted,

The 2017 National Climate Assessment concluded that “heavy downpours are increasing nationally, especially over the last three to five decades. . . [and that]. . . increases in the frequency and intensity of extreme precipitation events are projected for all U.S. regions.

Flooding from storms is only half the story. Many homeowners face devastating flooding from water leaks, overflowing streams, burst pipes, and broken municipal water lines.

What To Consider When Your Basement Floods

For many of you reading this, either you’ve experienced a flooded basement already, or your time is coming. Cleaning up after a flood is an expensive, time-consuming hassle, and losing personal sentimental possessions can be heartbreaking.

However, the sooner you get to work cleaning up, the sooner you can put the disaster behind you. How you handle a flooded basement depends on how much water comes in and how much of the area is affected.


After a flood, it’s crucial that you and your family stay as safe as possible, and that means not entering a flooded basement without ensuring the electricity is off throughout the house. It only takes one mistake to turn a disaster into a life-changing tragedy. If your breaker box is in the basement where the flood occurred, call an electrician or the electric company for assistance before venturing in.

Furthermore, beware of the kind of water you’re wading into. If you’re facing flood water from a sewer line break, you must wear protective equipment to guard against possible bacteria that can cause severe illness.

Remove Wet Materials

Once satisfied that it’s safe to go down the basement, you can begin cleaning by removing all waterlogged items, such as furniture, toys, papers, boxes, carpet, insulation, drywall, etc. Depending on the item, some can be left out to dry, while others are best sent to a landfill. It’s crucial to remove as much water-soaked material as you can because mold can form within 48 hours, and once it takes hold, it isn’t easy to get rid of entirely.

Clean The Room As Thoroughly As Possible

Now that the standing water and saturated materials are out of the house, you can begin cleaning. Experts recommend wiping floors and walls with water and detergent to prevent mold buildup.

Know When To Call A Professional

Cleaning up after a flood is time-consuming, and you must be sure you get all the moisture out of the porous materials to prevent mold from taking hold. It’s natural to want to do as much as possible, and if it’s a minor flood, that’s typically doable. However, when faced with a severe flood, you’re typically better off calling for professional help. Often, cleaning up after a severe flood requires specialized equipment to remove contaminants and large amounts of water.

EnduraFlood panel system walls look stylish, they can be easily removed to let the wall dry out, and they are easy to install.

How EnduraFlood™ Flood Proof Basement Wall System Makes Flood Cleanup Easier

As you’ve seen, for many people, basement flooding isn’t a matter of if, but when. While nothing can prepare you for what Mother Nature has in store, there are steps you can take to minimize the damage and the time it takes to clean up after her wrath.

Our EnduraFlood wall system is the ounce of prevention that bests a pound of cure. Heavy rains, burst pipes, and sewage backups can quickly flood your basement, turning your drywall to mush and saturating everything behind it, making cleanup a more expensive process. And one of the best ways to prepare yourself for your next or first flood is by installing EnduraFlood.

EnduraFlood replaces drywall up to several feet above floor level, much like traditional wainscoting, which is typically the portions of the wall you’ll have to tear out and replace after a flood. Our panels are waterproof, durable, and easy to remove and replace, thanks to the snap-in fittings, which you can use repeatedly.

Installing EnduraFlood wainscot panels makes your lower wall more water repellant than traditional drywall or other materials; this can significantly cut down on your repair costs and clean-up time after a flood event.

EnduraFlood isn’t just for basements; our paneling system is ideal for any part of your home that’s at risk of flood damage.

And, because EnduraFlood mimics the style of traditional wainscoting, it gives your home the well-built style that can set your house apart from the rest in the neighborhood.


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