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Chester and Bristol: Two New Designer Suites with Picture Frame Molding

EnduraFlood Floodproof Drywall is not just waterproof, easy to remove, and easy to install. EnduraFlood walls are also sure to be beautiful, because they can be adapted to any room design. Recently, EnduraFlood introduced two new Designer Suites that coordinate exceptionally well with traditional interior due to their integrated picture frame molding design: Bristol and Chester.

Easy to install, both Bristol and Chester are created using pre-cut molding pieces that are easily glued onto EnduBoards prior to the installation, as shown here:

While both Designer Suites are made for 36" horizontal trim height and work with the 48" x 33" EnduBoards EB4833, Bristol features one 36" x 18" picture frame molding per board, and Chester features two 15" x 18" picture frame molding kits per board.

Designer Suite Bristol

Designer Suite Chester

Looking to build the material list for your project? Its easy! Just use our handy Project Estimator.

If you live in Florida, New York, or any other area that was recently affected by flood waters: EnduraFlood is your first choice when it comes to creating greater peace of mind for you and your family: Never get stuck with costly and annoying sheetrock replacement again!


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