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1 in 5 New York Homes Face 30-Year Flood Risk

When many people think about New York, they picture Wall Street, Times Square, or another bustling metropolitan area. What they don’t realize is that New York has 520 miles of coastline. That means that The Big Apple has more coastline mileage than Miami, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles combined! This mass amount of coastal property should also be looked at in the context of population density. There are approximately 417 people living in every square mile of property in New York. With all of that information in mind, it’s important that homeowners in New York understand the hidden risk of flooding that they face every single day.

What Is New York's Flood Risk?

Risk Factor is a company that examines the flood risk of every area in the United States. While there are plenty of platforms out there that look at historical data only, companies such as Risk Factor and The First Street Foundation combine a study of historical data with future projections. They then combine those pieces of information to determine what sort of flood risk an area is looking at.