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How to select EnduraFlood components

We always recommend using the EnduraFlood Project Estimator to automatically create a recommended material list. Its quick and easy!

Selecting the right EnduraFlood components for your project is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow these steps:


1. Wall Panels

There are two types of wall panels:


These are lightweight, smooth panels that are sold and shipped by EnduraFlood in two sizes: 48" wide x 21" high (ENDU-BOARD/24, for a 24"-high trim installation), and 48" wide x 33" high (ENDU-BOARD/36, for a 36"-high trim installation). ENDU-BOARD is easy to cut with a sharp utility or other knife, and they are waterproof. ENDU-BOARD can be painted with common interior acrylic paint. After they are painted, they have a similar texture as commonly available drywall.

EnduraFlood EnduBoard

EnduraFlood ENDU-BOARDs

  • 0.42" Cement boards

Cement panels with a 42" thickness can be purchased at most home improvement stores. They usually come in 3ft x 5ft sizes. While EnduraFlood can't guarantee the suitability of products made by 3rd party vendors, successful installations have used these boards and also these.

Cement boards are heavier than ENDU-BOARDs, and they are harder to cut, especially for the DIY installer. They are usually available locally, and they provide a wonderful texture when painted. Without painting, they also can be used for an "industrial chic" look.


2. Trim

Depending on the thickness of your existing drywall, you have several options available. Most likely, you will have 1/2" drywall in your rooms. This is by far the most commonly used drywall thickness in residential homes and properties.

Screenshot 2022-08-09 6.04.19 PM.png

EnduraFlood UNI-TRIM

First, you select your Horizontal Trim.

  • For 1/2" drywall, you have these great options available:

  • PVC Ribbon, white. This is the most versatile and cost-effective trim option. Look for model name UNI-TRIM

  • Chair rail, PVC, white. This option provides a stunning chair rail look to any room, with a wonderfully curved rail. To install this option, you need to install RAILI-HOLD/12, and clip CHAIR-RAIL/A into it

  • Brushed Aluminum. MUNI-TRIM is another upgrade for your EnduraFlood panel system, providing an extra classy and exclusive look.

  • For 5/8" drywall

  • PVC Ribbon, white. This most common and cost effective look is achieved by installing HORI-TRIM/58

  • Each Horizontal Trim option comes with several options for inside corners and outside corners. Look for "HORI-COR" or "MORI-COR" in the model name.


Then choose your Vertical Trim options, depending on your choice of Horizontal Trim


  • Finally, for your baseboard molding, choose UNI-BASE.

Screenshot 2022-08-09 6.22.23 PM.png

EnduraFlood BASE-KLIP

3. Fasteners


Every installation is different. EnduraFlood fasteners prepare you for almost any installation challenge.



  • All installations require the use of BASE-KLIP to support your wall panels from below. BASE-KLIP has two practical "wings" that allow a convenient installation on 1-1/2" wide studs without the clip twisting around the screw as it is tightened. For wider studs, or tight areas, use BASE-FLIP, the "flat" BASE-KLIP.

  • Depending on the stud material, use the following to mount BASE-KLIP and BASE-FLIP:

  • TH-SCREW (for wood studs), or

  • SD-SCREW (for metal studs)

  • Depending on the type of Horizontal Trim you choose, use the following fasteners

  • 3/8 staples (with staple gun, neither one is sold by EnduraFlood)

  • UNI-RIV for any Horizontal Trim on metal studs

  • UNI-NAIL for PVC Ribbon trim on wood studs


Selecting EnduraFlood components is as easy as 1-2-3: Panels, Trim, Fasteners

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