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Picture Frame Molding Kit - Small

The Picture Frame Molding Kit - Small creates two picture frame molding sections of each 15" width and 18" height. It is applied to EnduBoards for the timeless allure of picture frame molding. The kit is designed to fit onto EnduBoard EB4833.



- 4 edge pieces 15" long, miter cut

- 4 edge pieces 18" long, miter cut

- 8 corner pieces

- glue

Picture Frame Molding Kit - Small

SKU: PFM1518
  • Installation

    ENDU-BOARD can easily be cut using a sharp construction knife, or other common cutting tools, such as circular saws or table saws. ENDU-BOARD can be pre-painted before installation, or after installation (use painters tape to tape off trim if painting after installation).

  • Important Information

    Due to continuing improvements, actual product may differ slightly from images, drawings, and descriptions.

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