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EnduraFlood HORI-BOR/O

The EnduraFlood Horizontal Corner Trim for outside corners HORI-BOR/O is a baseboard corner trim that finishes UNI-BASE outside corners. Each leg of HORI-BOR/O is 6" long.


Like UNI-BASE, HORI-BOR/O is a mounting and finishing trim for the transition from wall ENDU-BOARD wall panels to the floor. HORI-BOR/O can also be used with common 0.42" cement boards. HORI-BOR/O provides a decorative White PVC corner finish with a quarter-round top that is reminiscent of conventional baseboard trim made from wood or composite materials.


  • Perfect for creating a transition from ENDURA-BOARD panels to floor.
  • Can also be used with common 0.42" cement board
  • Allows for easy removal and re-use of the installed panels for inspection, or to allow the wall behind to dry out.
  • Material: White PVC

EnduraFlood HORI-BOR/O

  • Installation

    HORI-BOR/O is installed using 8 x 1-3/4 truss head screws that are counter sunk into the HORI-BOR/O and after drilling a pilot hole into the wooden stud. After HORI-BOR/O is cut to size, pilot drill 1/8" holes through HORI-BOR/O and the ENDU-BOARD into a wooden stud. Use a 3/8" drill to countersink holes into HORI-BOR/O. Mount HORI-BOR/O by screwing 8 x 3/4" truss head screws through pilot holes into studs. Close 3/8" counter sink hole in HORI-BOR/O using 3/8" hole plugs.

    How to cut UNI-TRIM

    How to mount UNI-TRIM

  • Maintenance

    HORI-BOR/O does not require any special maintenance or care. HORI-BOR/O can be cleaned using a wet cloth. If necessary clean in addition with neutral cleaning agents. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents and tools.

  • Information

    Due to continuing improvements, actual product may differ slightly from images, drawings, and descriptions.

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