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EnduraFlood ENDU-BOARD 48" x 21"

ENDU-BOARD 48" x 21" sized for a 24" horizontal trim height.

ENDU-BOARD is a strong, durable and lightweight panel board specifically manufactured for EnduraFlood installations from an inorganic plastic polymer which can also be found as a component in other building and construction products such as window profiles, flooring, pipes, cables, and roofing.

ENDU-BOARD can be cut easily with handtools such as utility knives, and it can be painted using common Acrylic paint. 

ENDU-BOARD is 100% waterproof and does not change its properties due to exposure to water.

EnduraFlood ENDU-BOARD 48" x 21"

SKU: EB4821
  • Installation

    ENDU-BOARD can easily be cut using a sharp construction knife, or other common cutting tools, such as circular saws or table saws. ENDU-BOARD can be pre-painted before installation, or after installation (use painters tape to tape off trim if painting after installation).

  • Important Information

    Due to continuing improvements, actual product may differ slightly from images, drawings, and descriptions.

    EnduBoards are construction materials and have to be cut to size. Any imperfections should be cut out during the normal installation process when the material is cut to size.

  • Shipping Information

    Due to the product size, a $100 shipping charge will be added to the order if this product is selected.

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