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EnduraFlood MORI-COR/I

MORI-COR/I is a mounting and finishing trim for the vertical separation between 1/2" drywall above, and ENDU-BOARD panels below. MORI-COR/I can also be used with common 0.42" cement boards.

MORI-COR/I is used on inside corners and provides a  decorative Brushed Aluminum finish with a modern and clean look. Each leg is 6" long from the corner.


  • Perfect for inside corners to create a transition from 1/2" sheetrock to ENDU-BOARD panels
  • Can also be used with common 0.42" cement board
  • Allows for easy removal and re-use of the installed panels for inspection, or to allow the wall behind to dry out.
  • Used with 1/2" drywall thickness above.
  • Material: Brushed Aluminum
  • Use together with MERTI-COR/I for the horizontal separation between panels below

EnduraFlood MORI-COR/I

SKU: IC-A-12M-6
  • Installation

    EnduraFlood MORI-COR/I is mounted to wooden studs with MUNI-NAIL, and to metal studs with UNI-RIV. 

    Clamp MORI-COR/I onto the studs using a small, non-marring set of clamps. Use a 3/32" drill to drill pilot holds through MUNI-TRIM at each stud location. 

    Mounting to metal studs:

    • be sure to drill through the metal stud
    • Insert UNI-RIV and use a Rivet Tool to tighten the UNI-RIV

    Mounting to wooden studs:

    • after drilling through MUNI-TRIM, avoid drilling into the wooden stud
    • insert MUNI-NAIL through the pilot hole in MUNI-TRIM, and slightly tap the nail into place
    • use a Trim Nail Punch to hammer the nail firmly into place

    Once mounted, MORI-COR/I allows ENDU-BOARD panels to be snapped into place from underneath. Common 0.42" cement boards can also be used. The ENDU-BOARD or cement board panels can be removed and reused if needed in the future.


  • Maintenance

    MORI-COR/I requires no special maintenance or care. MORI-COR/I is is resistant to mold and fungi. Can be cleaned periodically using neutral cleaning agents. Avoid the use of strong acids (e.g. hydrochloric or hydrofluoric) and base/alkaline cleaners (e.g. bleach, ammonia, chlorides). Do not use abrasive cleaning agents and tools. Oxidation films in extremely moist environments may be removed with a common polishing agent but may form again. 

  • Information

    Due to continuing improvements, actual product may differ slightly from images, drawings, and descriptions.

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