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EnduraFlood MERTI-COR/O, 95" long

MERTI-COR/O is a mounting and finishing trim for the horizontal separation between adjoining ENDU-BOARD panels on both sides of an outside corner. MERTI-COR/O can also be used with common 0.42" cement boards.

MERTI-COR/O is used on outside corners and provides a decorative Brushed Aluminum finish. MERTI-COR/O is made from Aluminum.


  • Perfect for outside corners to create a transition between ENDU-BOARD panels to the left and right
  • Can also be used with common 0.42" cement boards
  • Allows for easy removal and re-use of the installed panels for inspection, or to allow the wall behind to dry out.
  • Material: Satin Chrome finish Aluminum (Available separately in White PVC)

EnduraFlood MERTI-COR/O, 95" long

SKU: EM-95
  • Installation

    EnduraFlood MERTI-COR/O is snapped into place between the adjoining ENDU-BOARD panels to the left and right. MERTI-COR-O is held in place by the functional fit, and it is not stapled or glued. MERTI-COR/O can also be used with common 0.42" cement panels.

    Once mounted, MERTI-COR/O allows ENDU-BOARD or cement board panels to be removed and reused if needed in the future.

  • Maintenance

    MERTI-COR/O  requires no special maintenance or care. MERTI-COR is resistant to mold and fungi. Can be cleaned periodically using neutral cleaning agents. Avoid the use of strong acids (e.g. hydrochloric or hydrofluoric) and base/alkaline cleaners (e.g. bleach, ammonia, chlorides). Do not use abrasive cleaning agents and tools. Oxidation films in extremely moist environments may be removed with a common polishing agent but may form again. 

  • Length


  • Information

    Due to continuing improvements, actual product may differ slightly from images, drawings, and descriptions.

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