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Wainscoting in the basement? EnduraFlood won’t warp.

The beauty of wainscoting, without basement flooding concerns.

There are a few interior design and architectural features that never seem to go out of style. One of them is wainscoting—a beautiful, traditional, complementary design feature that can add warmth and style to any room in the home.

One part of the home that might cause second thoughts about wainscoting to arise, however, is the basement. All it takes is one hurricane accompanied by a power outage to turn a previously dry basement into a flood zone. Installing warp-resistant wood is one way to try and mitigate the damage to wainscoting that can follow a flooding incident, but its resilience is not a certainty.

If you want the look of wainscoting in your basement, don’t be discouraged.

The best way to achieve the look of worry-free wainscoting in a basement playroom, game room, basement office or multi-media room is with the EnduraFlood™ Flood-Proof Basement Wall System.

Knowing that the next big storm could cause flooding again is all the reason you need:

  • EnduraFlood’s attractive, designer-quality style is reminiscent of traditional wainscoting with color options to suit any finished basement décor

  • Durable and tough. EnduraFlood’s sturdy concrete construction stands up to knocks, kicks and rough-housing.

  • Basement wall system can be removed for access to foundation wall, insulation, etc. and quickly re-installed.

  • Patent-pending EnduraFlood is a fraction of the cost compared to basement flooding repair and repeated wet wallboard replacement. It’s economical over the long haul.

Greater durability in wall design for a changing climate.

Hurricanes and nor’easters are not the only weather-related water problems we face in the Northeast. Record-breaking rainstorms seem to be occurring more regularly nowadays. Even in homes that never had a flooding problem, flash flooding, rising groundwater, or simple bad luck have impacted more homes than ever before. This makes finishing basements, and then refinishing, and possibly refinishing again, a tremendous drag. The best way to counteract basement flooding is to finish the basement with materials that are water resistant.

EnduraFlood is designed to suit any basement—with or without a water problem.

As beautiful as it is, historically wainscoting’s purpose was more practical. Before it was ever called “wainscoting,” it was first utilized to mask moisture at the base of stone walls and to offer some insulating properties. Later, whether installed as boards or flat panels—and reaching halfway up a wall or three-quarters, or even higher—wainscoting also proved to be protective. Today, many homes in northern New Jersey feature wainscoting in dining rooms and elsewhere. Not only does it look great, but it also protects the wall from the backs of chairs and other knocks and scuffs that can leave marks in drywall.

To be sure, EnduraFlood’s wainscoting designs have superior protective qualities. If your basement is where your kids often play, EnduraFlood’s sturdy concrete construction can take their horsing around and remain looking remarkable. And unlike traditional wainscoting, with EnduraFlood you have the added bonus of a wall that’s resistant to water and is much easier to clean after a flooding incident.

Occasional basement flooding? EnduraFlood is the right wall system for you.

A finished basement can be incredibly valuable to the quality of your lifestyle. If you’ve had some flooding in the past, you might be reluctant to keep putting money into the basement. And who would blame you, especially if you’ve had to replace wet wallboard once or twice?

The EnduraFlood basement wall system is a much better idea. EnduraFlood is specially engineered to repel water even where basements keep flooding repeatedly. Instead of ripping out and replacing wet drywall, EnduraFlood maintains its durability and water resistance for easy cleanup with a mild detergent and bucket of water. Once the flood water is gone and your basement living areas are clean, you can go back to living your life without the sloppy mess and time delays caused by wet drywall replacement. That means no more multiple visits from drywall installers spackling, sanding, and painting your wallboard.

Worry-free walls in the basement mean peace of mind upstairs

See for yourself why the EnduraFlood™ Flood-Proof Basement Wall System for basements, garages, and elsewhere is the most practical, durable, and flexible wainscoting ever. To learn more, call (551) 497-5938.


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