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"Everone in Florida will have EnduraFlood in their home, sooner or later"

... says Tom of New Port Richey, Florida during EnduraFlood latest roadshow. As the 2024 hurricane season is predicted to "look grim," customers all over Florida are racing to install EnduraFlood in their homes and businesses.

During the latest EnduraFlood roadshow through Florida, many residents of the greater Tampa area had a chance to check out various product versions in person, and were able to place orders on the spot.

Say's Tom of New Port Richey, "it seems like every time it rains, water is coming through the front door over here. I will put it in my home, and I think everyone in Florida will have EnduraFlood in their home, sooner or later. Its just so obvious, and I am sure it will save the communities around here hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs alone."

Customers inspecting various product options inside the EnduraFlood road show trailer.

On the way to the next stop.

Waterproof drywall just makes sense. Whether you live in a coastal area, next to a river or lake, or because you want to protect yourself from damage caused by a broken pipe, backed up washing machine, or failed sump pump, EnduraFlood is your first option.

When flooding occurs, frequently entire neighborhoods are affected. If you would like to schedule the EnduraFlood road show trailer for your community event, please call us at 800-285-0899 or email


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