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14 June 2024 - For Immediate Release

EnduraFlood Expands Its Range of Beautiful and Functional Waterproof Drywall Options

EnduraFlood, the inventor and manufacturer of waterproof drywall systems, today announced additional design options for its decorative panel system.

EnduraFlood’s new offerings include a variety of aesthetically pleasing and highly functional waterproof drywall panels, now featuring elegant window frame molding. These additions enhance both the visual appeal and practical utility of the panels, providing customers with even more choices to suit their needs when looking to protect their home from drywall damage in a future flood.


The new design options include two designer suites named Bristol and Chester. Each suite comes with prefabricated picture frame molding kits that users can add to the panels, adding a wonderful traditional look to any room. These designer suites enhance the elegance and functionality of the spaces they adorn, ensuring both beauty and durability.


"Naturally, our customers seek us out because they are looking to prevent drywall damage in their homes during the next flood. What surprises some is how much our customers not only appreciate the fact that our products give them peace of mind during a flood, but also how much they love the wonderful look of our system," said Alex Lorenz, owner and founder of EnduraFlood. "With the addition of our new panel options with window frame molding, we give our customers even more choices."

Customers have already expressed their satisfaction with the aesthetic and practical benefits of EnduraFlood's products. Kevin from Bradenton, Florida, shared his experience: "After installing the EnduraFlood and getting our furniture back in, I was blown away at the aesthetics behind it. Like it really makes our house look and feel a lot more beachy than it did with sheetrock. I absolutely love it." His wife, Kay, added, "There’s something about it that makes it bigger when people walk in now that ‘your house is so much bigger, what did you do?’”

EnduraFlood has been at the forefront of waterproof drywall innovation, committed to delivering high-quality, reliable solutions that protect properties from flood damage while delivering increased aesthetic appeal. The company continues to expand its product range to meet the evolving needs of its customers during the hurricane season in Florida and elsewhere.

About EnduraFlood

EnduraFlood is the inventor and exclusive provider of innovative waterproof drywall solutions. Specializing in both residential and commercial applications, EnduraFlood offers a range of products designed to protect properties from flood damage while enhancing their visual appeal.

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Contact Information: Linda Grunewald, Media Relations

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