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3 September 2023 - For Immediate Release

EnduraFlood Roadshow visits flood-struck Shore Acres community in Florida

EnduraFlood, the manufacturer of the innovative waterproof drywall system, is visiting customers in the Tampa Bay area, including the flood-struck Shore Acres community, to demonstrate how its system can help avoid costly, messy, and time-consuming repairs after the next flood.

EnduraFlood's roadshow aims to educate homeowners and businesses on the benefits of their waterproof drywall system. The system is designed to withstand water damage, providing a long-term solution that significantly reduces repair costs and downtime after flooding events.
"Our mission is to provide our customers with peace of mind by offering solutions that protect their homes and businesses from flood damage," said Alex Lorenz, owner and founder of EnduraFlood. "By visiting communities like Shore Acres, we can show firsthand how our products work and the benefits they provide."


Tom, a resident of Port Richie in Florida expressed his support for EnduraFlood's innovative solutions: "Everyone in Florida will have EnduraFlood in their home, sooner or later. It seems like every time it rains, water is coming through the front door over here. I will put it in my home, and I think everyone in Florida will have EnduraFlood in their home, sooner or later. It's just so obvious, and I am sure it will save the communities around here hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs alone."

The roadshow includes live demonstrations, Q&A sessions, and opportunities for attendees to see the waterproof drywall system in action. EnduraFlood representatives will be on hand to discuss the technology behind their products and how they can be integrated into homes and commercial properties.


About EnduraFlood: EnduraFlood is the leading provider of innovative waterproof drywall solutions, dedicated to protecting homes and businesses from flood damage while enhancing their aesthetic appeal. Founded with a commitment to quality and reliability, EnduraFlood offers a range of products designed to meet the needs of modern properties, combining functionality with elegant design.

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